At Three Village Veterinary Hospital, we have a number of tools at our disposal to aid us in diagnosing what may be ailing your pet. We treat each pet like we would our own; as an important member of the family.


As in people, bloodwork performed on a pet can monitor the basic functions of their body. The older the pet, the more important it is to regularly test their blood to diagnose ailments such as kidney, liver, and thyroid disease. Early detection is important to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

For dogs, we recommend a yearly heartworm test, as heartworm is carried by mosquitos and can be present year round. 

For both dogs and cats, it is important to test their stool on a yearly basis for intestinal parasites they may have picked up throughout the year. 

X-Ray and Ultrasound

In some cases, your veterinarian may need to perform additional tests to find out what is going on with your pet. We have a digital X-Ray on site that we may use to help us find a diagnosis. We also have the service of both in and out patient ultrasound and echocardiogram, to confirm a diagnosis and start your pet on treatment they may need.


If your pet is diagnosed with a problem that requires medication, we can fill your pet's medication on site. If your pet requires a medication that must be specially compounded, please call ahead for refills.