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Boarding information

At Three Village Veterinary Hospital, we offer boarding services for client pets. 

Before your pet boards, we require a "meet and greet" with our staff to ensure your pet is comfortable staying with us. 

Please fill out the following form for each pet and bring it with you when you drop off your pet for their stay. 

This will ensure that we can make their stay, and yours, as comfortable as possible.


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FormPDF version


Please consult with our receptionists ahead of time for availability, so that we may reserve a spot for your pet. At time of drop off, please make sure to bring your pet's food, as well as personal items that will make their stay feel more like home. 

Additionally, please allow enough time to go over care instructions with one of our technicians when you drop off your pet.

In order to board with us, pets must be up to date on most vaccines to ensure that they are fully protected.

We also require that pets be protected with flea/tick preventative. 

We also require an updated fecal sample for both cats and dogs, to ensure that they are free of intestinal parasites.

Vaccines required for Canines: 

* Rabies

* Distemper

* Leptospirosis

* Bordetella ("Kennel Cough")

Vaccines required for Felines:

* Rabies

* Distemper